January 22, 2009

JANUARY 21, 2009. 11:15pm EST

The first order of business today was to tell President Obama that we the people will not stand for him to have an actual salary during these rough economic times.  It was not a fun conversation and got a little tense.


Later in the day, he was totally kissing my ass, so I played along.


Other than that, the big event of the day was a visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl.


Ben’s was opened in 1958 and is a DC institution.  It is located on the now hip and upcoming U Street which used to be known as the “black Broadway”. Ben’s was a local hangout of many of the local greats, like Ella, Duke, Miles, and it’s most famous patron, Bill Cosby. And, became a place of refuge the day of MLK’s assaination and the riots.




This was a sign posted in Ben's. Obama had just visited 2 weeks ago.

It was a real party at Ben’s.  The music was bumpin’, the people were dancing and singing, the guy working the door stood there with a baseball bat. Not kidding.  A real local place.  And, there was even an iflateable MLK on top of the building. Awesome.


Inflateable MLK.

Here are some scenes from around town today.




This is where Etta James and Duke ellington first performed.

This is where Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald first performed and a venue for Billy Holiday, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong and more.



this is a very scary pic of Barack

this is a very scary pic of Barack


So,with Barack as our new President, and inflateable MLK watching over us, it was a new day.

catch y’all back in LA.




One Response to “A NEW DAY”

  1. Addy said

    Just saw a feature on Ben’s Chili Bowl on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show … cool place … glad you got to go!

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